About Danielle

I help women get off the diet roller coaster so they can lose weight and keep it off for good without dieting, deprivation, or military exercise. I’m Danielle, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, but I stopped telling people that. Why? Because most people thought that meant that I’m a physical trainer, or a nutritionist, or they would see “Holistic” and think I’m too woo-woo or I dance with the fairies or something.

What I really do is this:

  • I help women who struggle with weight loss (either a few pounds or a hundred).
  • I help women who struggle with emotional/stress eating.
  • I help women address their cravings so that we can find what the body really is asking for.
  • I help women change their habits around food and movement so that they get lasting results and so they can get off the yo-yo diet roller coaster.
  • I help women connect the dots to how their health affects EVERY aspect of their lives and I help them become the best version of themselves.

I’ve been an educator and coach for 19 years in the health and fitness industry, and I’m on a mission to transform those old ways and habits that have kept you down for too long. I know I can do it because I helped the most challenging “client-from-hell” several years ago…. ME!

I had tried EVERY diet. Cabbage soup, Atkins, Paleo, Weight Watchers, South Beach, The Zone, EVERYTHING! I was miserable. I was one of those athletes in high school and college who thought I could eat whatever I wanted because I worked out. I didn’t realize that one day the good ol’ metabolism would slow down. After college, the same 10-20 pounds kept creeping back after I would lose it by some extreme measure. Then, through my own experience with health coaching, I healed my relationship with food and my body. I lost weight and inches, I stopped abusing myself through the endless cycle of binges and punishing exercise, and I became the strong and fit person that I had always wanted to be. How did I do this? I changed my mindset with the help of some amazing coaches!

Be Your Best Self

Am I perfect? Hell No! Do I only eat green foods? NOPE! Moderation is my mantra and I continue to work on myself in the areas of health, personal growth and fitness. I know how to listen to my body these days, and I know how to cope with my stress in a way that I never could before (hence the Doritos and ice-cream binges). This is my life’s purpose, to help you do the same so that you can step into your spotlight and BE YOUR BEST SELF.
Today, I work with women all over the world sharing what I’ve learned.
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