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You pick the latest fad diet, you dust off your gym bag, and you STICK to your plan of eating nothing but GREEN FOOD and burning 10,000 calories per day… for a week or maybe 2! Your buns are sore from the workouts and you tell yourself that you can learn to live without carbs.
  • Next thing you know, Sally from marketing swings by your office with a big tray of cookies and you think, “I’ll just eat one”, and before you know it, you take down a half-dozen and are feeling guilty and ashamed.
  • Or maybe you’re cranky because you have to avoid Happy Hour with the girls (who can resist those delicious appetizers and that extra glass of wine?)
  • Or maybe your family is pressuring you to “stop cooking that hipster quinoa crap”, and your kids go on hunger strike till you give them back their “REAL” mac-n-cheese.


And so, you and 98% of the rest of dieters fall off the wagon and gain the weight back that you lost (and then some!)

I’m Danielle

As a holistic health coach, I teach busy, professional women how to their conquer their cravings, own their desires, and heal their relationships with food so they can lose weight easily and organically and without diets, or deprivation.
I help women create the body they really want by ditching the diets and shakes and gimmicks and endless cardio sessions
I overcame my own food addictions and the crazy cycle of crash dieting and have come to a place where food is now my friend and I honor my body’s wisdom. I can show you how to do the same.


Your Health Coach

Find out more about who I am and how I used the Eat Play Love philosophy to overcome my own health issues and weight gain.


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Hear What

Clients Are Saying

With Danielle’s guidance and support I found the missing piece. In 90 days, I lost nearly 20 lbs. My BMI is now normal (first time in over 15 years).” ~ Carole Maducdoc

“While working with Danielle, I dropped 2 dress sizes and finally made peace with my body.  She helped me to understand my cravings and take back control of my weight and my health!”


Christy Williams, Austin TX Coaching client

“With Danielle’s guidance and support I found that missing piece. In 90 days, I lost nearly 20 lbs. My BMI is now normal (first time in over 15 years). My blood pressure is normal. I’m sleeping like a baby. “


Carole M. – Long Beach CA

“After working with Danielle my outlook on my health has been reinvented. I now see eating food that nurtures my body and exercising as things I get to do; not have to do. “


Robin D. – Long Beach CA

“After 4 sessions with Danielle, I’ve already lost 2 inches off my waist…it’s like magic! This program has helped me see more clearly about things in ALL areas of my life.  “


Nancy Simons – Austin TX

“I’ve lost 3 pounds and my cravings are practically non existent, which I didn’t think was possible! I’ve been introduced to some incredible foods and recipes that will become part of my diet now. Thank you Danielle.  “


Heidi P. – Anaheim CA


14 Day Reset Cleanse

14 Day Reset Cleanse

Ditch diets and get back on track in just 14 days with a delicious, whole-foods cleanse

90 Day Total Transformation

90 Day Total Transformation

Completely transform your body and mind in this 1 on 1 journey

Free 45 Minute Strategy Session

Free 45 Minute Strategy Session

Let’s put together a plan to get you moving on the right track.


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